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We export our products to several international markets with the following certifications:

This certification covers products that are intended for industrial use and construction. This certification features lab-proven structural strength, excellent bonding durability, standardized thickness, covered selection and surface repairs in accordance with the requirements of US Standard PS 1-09. The certifying company is Timber Products Inspection of the USA.

American Standard for Structural Use 

Formol Emission Control Standard.
In the certification phase.

California Air Resources Board


European certification of plywood whose products are covered for intended use in construction in a non-structural way. These products have high bonding durability, low formaldehyde emission and resistance to deterioration.
In complying with the requirements of the standard, the company issues a self-declaration stating that its products comply with the standard and can then be marketed with the CE 4 stamp.

European standard for non-structural use 
CE 4

CE 4


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